5 Do’s & Don’ts For Facebook for Business

5 thoughts on “5 Do’s & Don’ts For Facebook for Business”

  1. I did not know there is so much about using facebook. In fact I was using it in a routine manner like most of the average users. But after reading your post I realized that I can turn my facebook connection for excellent business propositions. I am already profiting using some of your suggestions. Thanks a lot.

  2. Social networking sites have become a part of our life and sites like Facebook has millions of followers across the globe. In this context one cannot but highly appreciate the contents of this blog post.

  3. I could have used this analysis about a week ago, when I experimented with uploading my
    blog on the web. However better late than never. Great work. Helpful and purposeful.

  4. I have been running two FB pages for the past 2 years. One has 50k fans and another one has 107k Fans. However, here is the irony, whenever I post anything on 50K PB Page, the content is reaching to approximately 3000 organic FB Users and when I post anything at the 107k FB page, that post reaches hardly 1000 users. I was unable to figure out the problem, but then I checked my FB insights and came to know the reason – Lack of interactivity at the 107K page. On the other hand the other page was very much interactive through Q&As. So connecting with your fans is more important than building a fan base!

  5. I was getting a lot of traffic to my face book pages but most of them were not sticking to the page. Though I tried to figure out the reasons, I was at a loss. But your post did show me the light and I understood that I lacked in giving recognition to my fans. Just a few words of acknowledgement has been doing wonders for my page. Thanks a lot.

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