10 Awesome Ideas To Open Your Blogposts

An attention grabbing post opening is like the perfect icing on the cake that covers a sweet and delightful meaning underneath a much sweeter sense. It needs to have the right amount of thought and mystery that can generate the reader’s interest.

However, writing such a blog introduction can be a mind-numbing task for you because this is the first portion readers will encounter. If the opening doesn’t pack a powerful punch then the target audience will lose interest reading the entire thing.

An opening paragraph for a blog post should briefly give an overview of the entire blog post. A good opening should not be wordy or uptight but should have enough “spark” to stimulate the reader’s curiosity.

Best ways to start a blog post

A “good” introduction for any blog post should basically have the right amount of information for the reader’s to follow through with the rest of the post.

I have tried to sum up ten creative ways you can use as introductions when writing a post which are very applicable to a wide range of topics.

1. Giving a Remarkable Statistic

Starting with a statistical data that is either remarkable or alarming is perhaps one of the most overused yet best ways to ignite the curiosity of many readers. People are always fascinated with interesting facts accompanied by a factual numerical representation especially if it is unique and even startling.

“A good introduction is the hallmark of a good blog post. An estimated 8 out of ten people will actually read an entire article/blog post if the opening paragraph is well written and interesting. Consequently a badly written blog intro leads to high attrition of interest among readers.


2. Sharing a short anecdote and using quotes

Providing readers with an anecdotal reference with a light humor or a short story with a moral lesson can further strengthen the main point of your post. Moreover, by quoting an excerpt immortalized by famous people from history can significantly help in building the reader’s interest in your post.

“Joseph Brodsky once said that “There are worse crimes than burning a book. One of them is not reading them.” You could just imagine the injustice and transgression of a poorly written blog intro.”


3. Contemplating on past experiences

Beginning your post with a reflection not only brings powerful emotions but also inspire readers in many ways. You could do this by sharing personal experiences from your past that had tremendous implications for your life and relate them to the idea you want to elucidate in your blog post. By using this technique you can actually set a more personal tone that readers can relate to and understand better.

“When I first started writing for my school paper back in high school, I was always at odds with our editor-in-chief because of a lack in my writing style. It was then I realized that writing a concise but elaborate introduction is an important skill all writers should never take for granted.”


4. Asking a Question

Starting your post with a question is regarded as one of the best and effective ways to start a post. Asking a question despite its rhetorical nature actually creates curiosity and people being curious individuals want to find answers. You can capitalize the inquisitive nature of people by asking them a question from the very start of your post and have them find the answer towards the end of your blog.

“Have you ever found yourself facing a wall of hesitation because you don’t know how to effectively start your intended blog post? Do you find yourself staring at the blank computer screen for several hours mainly because you are clueless on how to connect all your ideas into an a cohesive start?”


5. Incorporating different figures of speech

Incorporating simile, metaphors and other figures of speech adds light humor and color in your blog opening. The majority of bloggers who critique controversial events and high profile individuals use various figures of speech to safely air out their opinions without obviously referring to the topic of discussion.

In other words instead of directly tackling a hot issue/person you can write about them in a less subtle manner. For instance, instead of saying “some politicians in Congress are greedy and corrupt” you can instead use a clever description by saying “congress is like a zoo with plenty of hungry predators”.

“A fantastic blog intro is like the perfect icing on the cake that covers a sweet and delightful meaning underneath a much sweeter sense. It needs to have the right amount of thought and mystery that can generate the reader’s interest.”


6. Using an argument

You can boost your introduction by citing an argument that you agree or disagree with and providing a good counter argument. Readers are stimulated by contrasting ideas and if done correctly this in turn leads to constructive insights and valuable debate. Moreover, if done constructively and without the use of personal bias you can actually gather different insights and diverse opinions, therefore contributing to change or compromise between opposing ideas.

“I definitely would have to agree that blog posts are a very effective medium to convey a person’s thoughts and opinions. A straightforward blog introduction can decisively give a person’s opinion but the drawback is that readers may lose interest once the main point seems too obvious.”


7. Invoking a mental portrait

Letting your readers picture out a scenario in their minds is one of the most powerful skill you can do as a writer. You can do this by simply using word guided imagery such as; imagine, recall, picture out and many other words that invoke a mental image.

“You could just imagine how dull and monotonous a blog post would be if a decent introduction is missing. It’s sort of like having a house without a front door with everything displayed at a single glance.”


8. Making comical illustrations

Sometimes words can’t simply picture out what you really want to say despite your best efforts and vocabulary skills. In this case you can actually try adding actual illustrations to bring to life the thought of your blog post.

writers ideas to open blogpost

9. Using riddles and puzzles

An introduction with a relevant and easy puzzle can boost stimulus to the reader’s interest. Though using riddles and puzzles to start a blog post is uncommon because of its complex nature, the risk of readers quickly losing interest is always present especially when they find the riddle not only difficult but also time consuming. Make sure to use puzzles and riddles that are uncomplicated but challenging.

“What work can one never finish? This thought is perhaps in every writer’s mind. Even the best of writers are caught in the dark when an idea pops out yet are still dumbfounded on how to write a unique blog intro that does not spoil his/her entire idea.”


10. Citing current and relevant events

People simply want to know the world around them regardless if it’s breaking news on the opposite side of the globe or a much talked about celebrity controversy, people’s interest regarding the latest events can’t be disputed.

“Writing tons of blog posts is already exhausting enough and coming up with fresh new ways to start them is downright mind-boggling. Just like the 85th Oscars wherein you have lots of great actors but only one wins the title, similarly writing blog introductions gives you so many options but only one approach will perfectly fit and connect your ideas.”


Using diverse and creative blog openings can significantly enhance readers’ attention. Depending on the type of blog you wish to write about, you need to carefully assess which type of opening will best compliment your topic. A blog introduction should be written in such a way that readers find it appealing, informative and simple.

These were my thoughts on opening your blogposts effectively. I would love to see what you think. Share your ideas and I’d add them to the post with a quick credit 🙂

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  1. Though I have been posting on my blog and other sites for sometimes now they were not
    hitting the bull’s eye. I was really at loss to know the reasons; when I viewed
    these contents. Now I know what were bogging me down. Thanks a lot

  2. very inspiring! i think morepeople can benefit from checking your to do list which is brilliant. Certainly going to implement these methods consistently.

  3. Usually the starting is the difficult part. Once we start following the ten steps described, one would find things falling into place. Nice to see competitors falling behind due to use of such unique methods. Yeah, within no time I have tripled traffic movement to my blog. And I am getting some useful comments also. Some of them are very interesting and enlightening as well. Love to see the blog posts on this blog.

  4. I don’t know much yet about other tips in your post but the tip on using riddles and puzzles really helped me a lot. Till now I was giving innovative and high quality riddles and puzzles in my posts but they were not fruitful enough. Following your tips I toned down them making them simpler and immediately started getting much better responses. My readers really liked the introduction of simpler riddles and puzzles in my posts and I got a lot of complements. Hope other tips given by you will also work in similar manner.

  5. It is true that viewers online want to know much about the world around them. However, the blogger needs to find out the true interests of the target audience and make the contents commensurate to the requirements and preferences of the viewers.

  6. Thanks for making me realize the difference between using anecdotes and quotes from the work of famous authors properly and just using some quotes here and there. In fact; use of appropriate quotes can enhance the value and standard of the written contents very well. At the same time use of irrelevant quotes can greatly reduce the overall impact of the blog post. Balancing the two is the key.

  7. Hey! I did not have idea that even arguments could be so helpful. I used a few in my blog posts and avow; i had plenty of comments coming up.

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