7 Don’ts of Copywriting – Crucial Errors a Writer Must Avoid

7 Don’ts of Copywriting – Crucial Errors a Writer Must Avoid

Myth #1: The use of jargons and high-sounding words would make the readers think that the writer is intelligent.

Fact: This is a very common writing error. Simplicity is still the best policy when it comes to writing. Words and structure of sentences should be made simple. Avoid using rare and uncommon words so that more readers will be able to comprehend the article. Using simple sentences should be the priority to ensure that the writer and the reader are on the same page.

Intelligence will be judged from the way ideas are expressed, not from the use of complex words. Constructing short and simple sentences can also avoid grammatical errors.

Myth #2: The longer the article, the better!

Fact: A good writing is concise. A sentence should have no unnecessary words and each   paragraph should have no unnecessary sentences. Content and style go together. Trim any word or sentence that can cause confusion. Be thankful for everything that can be discarded. It means they are not needed. Never use a long word where a short word will do.

As always, it is important to give emphasis to quality rather than quantity. Two words making sense is better than twelve nothings.

Myth #3: Quotes are solid facts or general truth to support a writer’s concept.

Fact: Quotes are words used by a person in the past. They should not be mistaken as general truth or facts of life. Quotations help in convincing the readers about the writer’s point of view. They serve as support for a person’s idea.

Myth #4: Explain each and every point in the beginning of the topic so the readers would know what to expect in the whole article.

Fact: Keep the readers engrossed from start to finish. Make them interested about what is coming up next. Giving away everything in the beginning will leave no material to make the conclusion strong enough to leave an impact. If the reader finds your article boring he will not spend more time reading it. It’s the writer’s task to develop his interest and to keep him engaged by giving an aura of mystery and constant inquiries. But do not overdo this in such a way that there would be derailment of the topic or become uninteresting due to too much suspense.

Myth #5: A writer should be able to disguise himself and copy any style to make him flexible.

Fact: Always remember that his writing mirrors the author’s true self. The style describes everything, from the way of thinking to the real feelings towards a certain subject. A good writing is true and realistic. With the exception of fiction writing wherein they need to make unreal characters look like actual people.

Do not present fake ideas. The readers can gauge how well a writer knows about his topic. The article would also reflect the kind of education, experience, maturity, and views that the writer has. Never seek a style just to mirror favorite authors. Just improve the tools and the given talent.

Myth #6: Write the article in such a way that you are preaching to give more impact.

Fact: In making a point, weave it in the story. Avoid sermons because most people dislike reading through this kind of writing. It makes them feel inferior. Express opinions loud and clear but in a subtle manner.

Myth #7: Writing is free style. The use of any kind of expression and sentence forms makes the write-up more imaginative.

Fact: Before writing a sentence, the writer should choose whether the idea would be clearly presented in an active voice or passive voice. Use the active voice in developing sentences as much as possible.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Writing can be free style but there are rules and standards that a writer should follow. Proofread articles. These writing errors can be of any form such as spelling and grammar mistakes. This also enables the writer to check the flow of writing and the sentence arrangements.

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