Do You Have Quality Writer Inside You?

Do You Have Quality Writer Inside You?

Writing is a raw talent but nowadays, there are many ways of enhancing this art. Gone were the days that writers can only rely on previous knowledge, dictionary, or encyclopedia. When everything else fails, this famous expression would come to mind, “Google it!”

One of the most disheartening aspects with these days technology is the demise of the writer’s originality and creativity due to the ease brought about by the writing tools. Copyscape would not be considered as bestselling software if not for this concern. There are plenty of writers nowadays but finding a great writer is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

How to Single Out a Quality Writer

These are the five questions that a quality writer of any generation should answer in flying colors:

1. How dedicated are you when it comes to writing?

Writing should come from the heart. A good writer conveys his thoughts successfully though the article. He imparts his knowledge clearly and effectively through the careful choice of words. He is aware that the article would be regarded and interpreted by the readers. A quality writer relentlessly examines and ceaselessly improves his work until a masterpiece is finally produced. The love for writing would fuel the stamina to try and consider each topic as a challenge and aim at the best way it can possibly be written.

2. Are you a confident writer in such a way that you can accept criticisms?

A writer is confident enough to know that he can accomplish the tasks, but be humble enough to receive criticisms or rejections. He should never underestimate his abilities or limit what he can do. It is the work that is being rejected or criticized and not the writer. He recognizes his weakness from the point of view of others and takes the comments as guidelines so as not to commit the same flaws again. Writers need to be polished once in a while or sharpened like a pencil to achieve writing perfection.

3. Are you a team player?

A quality writer does not make attention or recognition as the main objectives in writing. To have a successful project outcome, everyone should follow rules and regulations. Editors and managers rely on their writers to accomplish the assignments on time.

An ideal writer has dedication, everlasting spirit, and strong determination. There is pride to be a part of the team and humility to realize that nobody is better than anyone, every player is a building block to construct the team.

4. How well do you love reading?

[tweetherder]An excellent writer is also an excellent reader.[/tweetherder] His vocabulary should be enriched as possible because the degree of expressing an idea is directly proportional to it.  Good writing is synonymous with proper grammar, spelling, and the talent to convey emotions through the manipulation of words. Great author expresses ideas in better ways. The utmost way to do this is through reading. It also keeps writers abreast with what is happening in the world so their concepts would not be obsolete.

5. Do you generate ideas spontaneously?

This would gauge how fast the writer can finish an article. Generating creative and meaningful ideas is essential to produce good writing materials. The human brain is still the best processor, and enormous amount of thoughts are encountered every day. A quality writer preserves them. He always keeps a pad and pen handy for jotting down random notes for future needs, like a photographer who always brings his camera with him. Being a smart researcher on top of it would hit the nail on the head. This is a perfect combination.

An artist only needs his canvas and paint to create his masterpiece and the rest would be through a whole lot of imagination and talent. A good writer’s basic essentials used to be just pen and paper, or a typewriter. The most powerful tool is the mind of the author. The saying, “the pen is mightier than the sword” is indeed very precise in the writer’s arena.

[tweetherder]Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind is written large in his works. -Virginia Woolf[/tweetherder]

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