Hostgator Disappointing Customers With Poorest Service & Frequent downtime

Hostgator Disappointing Customers With Poorest Service & Frequent downtime

Feeling sick with Hostgator services with frequent downgrades (their so called server upgrades) and database errors. Their service quality has gone to the lowest levels leading to a huge base of disappointed customers who have started moving their hosting to some other. I thought I was one of the unfortunate people who were suffering but a quick hostgator poor service search gave me good Google results.

Above all, the technical support is clueless and have no exact time for the resolution. Now that was ridiculous and frustrating. Either I have to move my sites to some other better hosting provider or… I will move my sites to another hosting provider ONLY.

Any good suggestions on a reliable hosting provider?

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  1. Saw the same thing happen with GoDaddy a couple of years back. HostGator we able to take advantage of the poor service over there and get a ton of their customers. HostGator has been declining for the past year. I used to recommend them and sold a ton of hosting packages for them, but I don’t do that anymore. I am looking at a few other options without having to pay for a VPS package. WP Engine & Pantheon are great solutions, but are more expensive as well. Siteground & BlueHost are others I have heard that are decent.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Mike. I have personally used Hostgatorm Bluehost, iPage… Bluehost is no good but okay. It’s time to test some new hosting services.

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