When to Modify Your Custom SEO Monthly Plan

When to Modify Your Custom SEO Monthly Plan

Looking at latest Google moods, relying upon a sole link building method is never a recommended approach these days. Blog links are one of the most popular and hit method to get unique links from different root domains. However, Google may find it spammy as well as fishy when see loads of links coming from only blogs.

This makes a sensible SEOer to use customized SEO plans that has multiple features to get links from diverse methods and root domains. But again, using same plan every month may get you fall prey to a saturated approach that leads to drop in rankings after few months.

The question is when to change your plan. I’d answer – there is no certain or fix timings to change your plan. Rather start with a well thought plan after close analysis of your niche competition and keyword research. Until and unless you know your profitable keywords and work on them, no full proof plan can bring business to you. Getting hold of a list of realistic and profitable list of targeted keywords should be a good start. Looking at the competition, draft your SEO campaign. Note that one plan may not work equally well for other niche. each niche has its own demands and each keyword needs its special attention to rank.

Analyze closely how many minimum links your keyword needs and from which methods. For example, real estate may get great traffic and business from classified whereas fashion niche may not work there and do better if social media marketing like facebook is used. A good SEOer would be able to draft a solid marketing plan based on the tests, experiments and case studies.

A website may demand couple of months to rank on the targeted keywords. The plans for these months should be reviewed and modified closely after analyzing the performance of previous month. Regular tracking and performance check via analytics help in this matter to a great extent.

First month plan is a good base to start and it should be optimum. The features should be tested and confident to lay a strong foundation of the campaign. An aggressive plan may kill your site forever from Google index and a smaller plan may show you no results leading to disappointment and impulsive decisions.

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It’s always better to decide and draft the plan features after cross checking the number of keywords, niche competition, onsite factors, SEO orientation of web copies and budget to be invested.

I’d be back with a step by step guide on how to create a solid plan.

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  1. You’re definitely right. I agree with you on the requirement of each niche’s special demands as well as that keyword needs a special attention to rank. It’s not advisable to continue to rely on a SEO monthly plan if this doesn’t work to achieve your expectation for your website.

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