2 Days Fast-Track Power Blogging Training in Gurgaon on June 15th and 16th

I often get these questions

How do you manage to travel 365 days an year?

How do you work only 1-2 hours a day and yet own a thriving business?

How did you create this life of freedom?

I always dreamed of a life where I have to work less, make more money, have enough freedom to do things I love and spend great time with myself and my dear ones.

Creating this life took 3 important decisions.

  1. Developing this blog that establishes me as an authority and a free human
  2. Focusing on my strengths instead of fixing my weakness
  3. Doing things I love on a regular basis to keep me up, high and motivated

This blog you’re reading right now; gave me ample business every day, helped me express my thoughts, stories and gave me freedom from hassles of chasing after business opportunities.

Note: If you’re not in India or Delhi NCR, you can check out the online one-to-one blogging coaching. This professional blogging course has the same content, however, it is conducted over 7 weeks (and one session per week).

This encouraged me to help others and Power Blogging Training was born. This is one of the most trusted blogging courses in Delhi & Gurgaon that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and non-working parents create a full-time living.

  • 2 Days
  • Tons of learning
  • Amazing on-the-spot practice
  • Habit building blogging challenge in June
  • And unlimited business opportunities and popularity to follow

This blogging training has been a life changer for many. And it can work wonders in your business and personal growth too.

Get ready to attract several business opportunities every day and enjoy many free hours for your personal life.

Covering right from what’s exactly your target audience would love, what’s your blogging personality to how you can achieve that name, fame and fortune using blogging, it is going to be journey of joy together. This is a brief of what we will learn at large.

.. How to build 15 Minutes a Day Power Blogging Habit
.. Recipe to get 5000 subscribers in first 3 months
.. Owning a blog that people love and trust
.. Establish yourself as an authority & influencer
.. Use blog to attract new business opportunities
.. Making your blog an SEO magnet & rank on page 1 effortlessly
.. Practice of writing fast and powerful blogs in session
.. Ready to use writing blueprints
.. Creating a powerful personal brand that inspires
.. How to differentiate yourself from your industry peers
.. Access to over 20 free tools to master blogging
.. Network with fellow bloggers in the course and get into powerful conversations at lunch and tea break
.. Reference reading & practice book to take away


One personal one to one session for each participant post-event worth 10,000 INR

Who should attend

Coaches & consultants, solo entrepreneurs, non-working parents and moms on sabbatical looking to create income source from home, freelancers looking to get high paying customers and opportunities

Creating Influence With Expressions – with this powerful blogging training course in Delhi that happens only once in an year. You do not want to miss it. 1 Year is a long time to wait for the next.

Venue – Gurgaon, Hotel Lemon Tree, Sector 29
Dates – June 15th and 16th | 10:00am to 4:30pm
Course fee – Rs. 55,000 (tax included)

Not sure if you’re ready to start blogging? Take this 2 minutes quiz and find it for yourself – https://www.tryinteract.com/share/quiz/5ce4ea2e544a58001444fabf

The diverse professional background of participants and an exclusively small group will make it even more inquisitive and interesting. No doubt, you will all not just power blogging skills but a life-time bonding.

Here are some of the glimpse of the last year’s blogging training sessions and our time together.

Blogging isn’t only for business people, or only for thoughts and expressions or people with money needs. It means your voice is expressed the right way and a professional training can get your skill of expression honed and sharp enough to go far. It never failed anyone; whoever chose to be a blogger irrespective of being an entrepreneur, business owner, professional or a homemaker. It makes you rich and reputed.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

Q: How long does it take to make money from blogging?
A: It depends upon the ways you’re going to use to make money. If you have a service or product to offer, you can start receiving new leads, prospects, and sales within 2- 3 months. If you’re a niche blogger and using Adsense, advertising or affiliate marketing to make money, it may take an year minimum. The money made from the second type of blog is unlimited and have a bonus of running without much of your involvement whereas the first will need your presence most of the time.

Q: How much money one can make with blogging?
A: As much money as you want. For adsense, advertising and affiliate blogs, it can go upto 25 lakhs a month. There are blogs in the world that are making this much. Starting can be 50k per month in an year. For a service or product blog, the money depends upon how much work you can take, your service pricing etc, it can start making 10k to 1lakh per month in 3-6 months. It all depends upon how well you’re working on your blog so it starts working for you.

Q: Isn’t it difficult to manage a blog?
A: Blogging and managing a blog is as difficult as any other business or marketing tool. However, it is the most convenient, comfortable and fastest ways to be financially sound and reputed in the industry while it saves your time and energy more than any other income source.

Q: What if I am not a good writer or am not a writer in the first place?
A: If you cannot write at all or do not want to express yourself, blogging is not for you unless you own the blog but have a team to manage it. But if you are willing to express and share, you can use videos, audios and even visual illustrations instead of text or writing. It works equally well.

Q: How will it help my business?
A: Most of your prospects don’t know about your business and a lot of them don’t know much about your industry and how these services or products work, how they make a difference in one’s life. Blog just does that. It educates your prospects without an obligation to buy and over time they trust your business and brand more than the others, eventually leading to inquiries and sales.

Q: How will it help my personal brand?
A: If you’re the one leading and writing on your blog, you win all the visibility, attention, fame and fortune. Your blog and the content positions you among the best and most trusted in the industry. Having your blog means you’re serious about your brand and your identity. And who wouldn’t want to trust someone so serious about their own brand?

Q: Do I really need a blog when I have a website and a good response from social media?
A: 5 years back, over 70% of the businesses didn’t have a blog. Today, over 80% of the brands have a blog. You’ll have a blog if you’re looking grow your brand, if not today then tomorrow. It is better to have it sooner to avoid dealing with competition later.

Secondly, having a blog means focused time and attention from your visitor or prospect. Whereas social media has everything and everyone to distract someone from your post or page.

Third, the shelf life of a social media post is as small as one day. Whereas a blog lasts a lifetime and its returns increases as it ages.

Fourth, having a blog means making your website rank faster and higher in search engines while shooting the traffic to its best potential.

Fifth, brands with active blogs have over 65% more and faster conversions than without blogs

Q: Can one become an influencer with a blog?
A: Yes, influencers with a blog make thrice more money and attract 10 times more brands than one without a blog. Because brands know they will get a blog post or mention on influencers’ blog which has a longer life than a mention on their social media. Plus, a blogger can charge more for a blog post + social media mention. Plus plus, you become visible and searchable on Google search for the brands who are looking for influencers with a dedicated blog.

Q: How much time does a blog need every day?
A: Initially, 2 hours every day as you’re learning and practicing. After 2-3 months of good practice, 30 minutes to 1 hour a day is enough to build and run a successful blog.

Q: Does blog management need regular monetary investment?
A: Preferably yes. Returns are faster if we invest in promoting the blog. There are many free promotional steps as well which takes time. Investing around 3-5k a month is a decent investment to start getting faster results and more importantly, it saves time and keeps you motivated.

Q: Is it too technical to run a blog?
A: No, I have seen people from non-technical background enjoying blogging. It requires only basic understanding which one can comfortably learn and do after a week of regular practice. And there is a choice to delegate technical stuff if you still find it too tough.

Q: How do I know what should I blog about?
A: Actually, you always know what you can comfortably write or speak about. If you’re using the blog to promote your business or service, you know what you’d blog about. If you wish to be a work at home blogger looking at a passive income source, then consulting a coach for finding the best subject for you is recommended.

Q: How exactly a blog makes money?
A: Using one, more than one or all of the following ways;

Selling your own services and products
Adsense and similar PPC programs
Affiliate marketing
Selling posts, links, and space on the blog
Renting a certain area/theme of your blog per month
Building a successful blog and selling it for a much bigger price

Q: Blogs are free, then why attend a paid workshop?
A: To save time, hassle and energy that you invest in hit and trials and saving yourself from high chances of quitting before you make blogging work for you. With training or coaching and regular guidance, you can make a blog work for yourself within 1 year. Without support, it may take 2-3 years to see significant money coming and sometimes, you never see money coming.

Q: I have seen people not successful even without training?
A: It’s not the training that didn’t work. It’s the people who didn’t do everything that was required to build a successful blog. Just like you need food, air, water, and shelter to survive and grow, a blog requires similar basic things done regularly to grow and offer fruits to you.

Q: What kind of after-support can I expect from a workshop like this?
A: Post this 2 days training, there will be a monthly video call with the entire group to follow up, address challenges of all bloggers and share new ideas so that everyone who is serious, they start seeing brilliant results within their first 6 months. You’re independent and knowledgable enough to manage your blog with 6 months of guided practice. And you’re most welcome to get in touch with me even after that.

Q: Is there any money back guarantee?
A: Yes, there is. If you did everything that you were taught in the training to build a successful blog for minimum 6 months, and if it still didn’t work for you, you will be issued a full refund in the 1st week of the 7th month, no questions asked. You’ll be given a plan and a routine and you’d be equally committed to making it work like I am committed to helping you with a guarantee of refund.

Q: What if after attending the training, I am still not able to blog?
A: Take this 2 minutes quiz, it will be the basic clue if you can blog. If you still have doubt, then discuss with me. I will suggest if you should take this training or not.


Q: Can I do it all by myself or I would need help?
A: You will be able to everything on your own and you can always use help whenever you want for certain tasks.

Q: I have a blog already but it’s not making money. Will this kind of training help?
A: Best will be to show me your blog. I can review and guide better. And if your existing blog isn’t making money, this training will tell you exactly why it didn’t work and how to make it work.

Q: What if I don’t have a blog yet. Is this training still useful?
A: If you’re a good fit for blogging, then I have a team to create a basic blog for you at a nominal additional price before the training.

Q: Who all can use blogging profitably?
A: Solo entrepreneur / Startup owner / Online business looking to boost the leads, reach, reputation & visibility / Coach/Consultant/Author/Doctor /Mom or Dad or anyone on sabbatical willing to create an income source from home / Aspiring influencer willing to attract high paying brands for endorsements and reviews / Someone who loves expressing and use the blog to make money from home / Freelance Writer/Blogger willing to make a massive passive from home

Q: What are some challenges a new blogger can face?
A: Making dedicated time for the blog in their routine, short of ideas sometimes, little struggle in promotional activities, demotivation, and impatience in the first 1-2 months. But everything can be addressed well when one wants.

And with this, I look forward to seeing you joining me on June 15th and 16th in Gurgaon

Here are the event details


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