3 Effective Ways To Get High Authority Links

The time were you could rank a site with low quality links is long gone. It’s all about high quality authority links from reputable, established sites if you want to make it into Google top ranks today.

Problem: Such authority links are not always easy to get.

Here are 3 not so regular, a little unrealistic but very effective ways how you could get bag some crazy high authority links from well-known sites:

Refute and claim things mentioned in an article as false – even if you know they are true.

Your goal is to create a stir-up and controversy to get the site owner to take notice of your “false” facts, wanting to prove you wrong in public. In a perfect world, he will publish your comment/article where you have “conveniently” placed a link to your own site. This works well for many niches.

It is especially effective when your “anti-post” is ridiculously over the top and brimming with “ignorance” in regards to the original article. A “proud” site owner will not be able to resist setting things straight. A variant is if you do this on other places on the web such as social media and claim the famous, original site being wrong. This will create buzz and backlinks.

Barter – Be creative!

As a company offering a valuable product or service, chances are you can offer them something in return for a link on their site. I know- Old technique. But it still works like a charm. The only issue is not trying it out.

Here is an example: You are a real estate firm renting out holiday apartments. Call up the owner of an established travel portal, offer a free week-long stay in one of your apartments in exchange for a story mentioning your company. One good twist on this is if you tell them they will be able to offer sweepstakes where your service or product can be the 1st prize. This makes your offer even more interesting. The site owner can use the sweepstakes to attract visitors and while mentioning you as the sponsor giving you a nice backlink.

A charity event for a good cause will get media attention

Plan a charity event which will benefit a good cause. For your charity, choose a social topic which is sure to get some attention. For example, you could hold a Bingo or quiz night and donate the proceeds to the homeless or your local animal shelter.

Cover and announce the event on your site, announce it ahead and let anyone know. Invite people on social media and hand out flyers in your town. The charity will put your company and website into the spot-light and you will likely get local news coverage as well.

Do you have some unconventional but rocking link techniques? Share them and I’d love to feature you here.

14 thoughts on “3 Effective Ways To Get High Authority Links”

  1. Thanks for the tips. One thing i want to add about Charity that lots of educational websites are totally anti-commercial. We can get them to take notice is by running a charitable event or programme and looking for their support. This is where SEO gets very close to standard PR. We Just make sure the name of the programme has our most important keyword in it as that’s what we’ll want people to use for the anchor text.

  2. Sunita – you are an inspiration. Honestly this is one of my favorite blog posts
    to read. Great stuff mam. And btw, I think your thought about addressing
    communication in mass to help more people makes sense as well.

  3. I’d be interested in reading more about your tips for managing high quality back links. Waiting eagerly for next set of tips.

  4. I was getting some links to my site alright but I was neither getting the page rank on Google nor much traffic movement on account of these links. Reading your post made me realize that the links I was banking upon were not qualitative and did not make much impact on Google and other leading search engines. Now I know how to get quality back links and what the benefit of quality over quantity is. I really believe now that every prospective blogger should read your post.

  5. You are showing the way to bloggers how to get the best of both worlds. I will be waiting for such innovative and informative posts from you in future.

  6. I agree that everyone desires to have something in exchange for what they are giving you. The idea of bartering would be interesting to follow, especially in the competitive corporate market.

  7. There could never be two opinions that building back links to any blog or website would be the best way of SEO and to ensure higher ranking with top search engines headed by Google. The emphasis these days, especially for Google is on quality rather than quantity. Making comments on blogs can easily bring up back links of high quality and yes; contesting some bright idea of the author is obviously the most effective way.

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