Guest Session Highlights (+Download PDF) at Entrepreneurs Community

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It was great to speak at the Wannapreneur to Entrepreneur community based incubator in Delhi on 19th October, 2013 on “How to create a successful web presence”. (Download is available in post)

Yogendra Verma, the organizer of the group & computer engineer by profession, invited me to present a session & I loved to have this opportunity to address this group of ambitious entrepreneurs. It was an attempt to give my best to the community in a basic overview realizing how vast digital marketing is.

What makes the speaking experience superb for a speaker is the audience & their response.

The kind of zeal to learn & implement, intelligent questions that had a glimpse of  determination behind them, interesting mixer of young & veteran entrepreneurs & the amazing response to my session on how to start planning & grow the web presence turned my weekend absolutely wonderful. Right after my session, I was almost surprised to see the way this group is proving a platform to wannapreneurs share their startup ideas & business promotions in 10 minutes slot & invite feedback and suggestions.

The event closed with an interactive Q & A session with that involved legal, strategic & branding mentors & experts. What an idea to get  such value for time!

The session covered the following areas

  • Planning of the web presence
  • Knowing the audience
  • Preparing Website Architecture
  • Critical points when getting design & development done
  • What not to do when promoting online (SEO)
  • What you can yourself within no to minimum investment
  • Role of social media

I am also making the presentation available to download for all. Feel free to send any question or challenge you are facing in your business or website, I’d make sure you get the answer as quick as possible 🙂

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Here are some moments captured at event.

sunita biddu guest speaker

w2e networking delhi

wannapreneur to entrepreneur sunita biddu




Yogendra & his wife, Sunaina created this amazing community with an aim & idea to foster innovation and creativity by creating a culture like Silicon Valley, where people could come together to share, generate, exchange and validate their ideas; meet founders, co-founders, mentors and exchange resources.

They are also running a Startup Creation Program where one can immediately start creating your own startup with the help of the group of experts from various backgrounds.

I personally, wish all the best to Yogendra & team for this wonderful initiative.

On inviting 1 question & challenge each entrepreneur might be facing, I received some great questions. The ones that can be helpful for all related to startup & established website health & business promotions, will be answered in this very post one by one within next 2 weeks. Subscribe & get updated of this post & answers to those questions.

Cheers & stay in touch

7 thoughts on “Guest Session Highlights (+Download PDF) at Entrepreneurs Community”

  1. Pravin Kumar(Mishra)

    It was nice meeting you.!. I enjoyed your terrific and insightful presentation throughout you been. Looking forward to meet you soon in next workshop.

    1. Indeed Pravin 🙂 Looking to meet very soon. Thanks much for your kind words and glad that you enjoyed the session.

  2. Hey Sunita,

    Had a look at the ppt, nice and useful guide for beginners. Looking forward to see some advanced stuff.


    1. Thanks for liking it, Rahul.

      Please share what specific topic you’re looking for advance information. Would be glad to write it for others’ help as well. Thanks

      1. Hi Sunita,

        Pleasure is mine. If you can choose any one broad topic be it Social Media or SEO and then select any specific niche to outline “HOW” to get desired outputs with some exclusive insights, should be very helpful.


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