15 Simple Leadership Questions For Self-Assessment

15 Simple Leadership Questions For Self-Assessment

Two things I always love.

Self-assessment and introspection.

Both gives me a kick and chance to either get things on track or encourage myself to do it better.

When it comes to leadership, most of the leaders get caught up in management and responsibilities. Whereas leadership is more about creating opportunities, creating more leaders, better results and that too an easier way. Leadership is about celebrating every move with the people around you.

So while I was doing this self-assessment few days back, I came up with this 15 questions list. I had my own answers. As a leader, see if you spare time for yourself and answer these questions. You’d love discovering [challenging] yourself and the leader in you.

Do not forget to share which question you loved answering the most.

  1. What is my purpose in business & life. Am I spending each minute to sync with my purpose?
  2. What are my principles?
  3. What do I see in future? [5 years]
  4. Where do I find myself in my commitment to self, society and business?
  5. How am I contributing to help my team achieve the goals?
  6. What are my values and how they connect with my team’s emotions & values of each individual?
  7. How do I respond to any change & expected/ unexpected?
  8. How do I model the way to leave footprints and inspiration?
  9. How do I ensure and track my right deeds?
  10. How do I ensure the ability to foresee consequences & make the ways?
  11. What’s more important to me? My goals or my people?
  12. What am I doing to think of new ideas & be innovative in my niche?
  13. What am I doing to build bonding between my people & create an inspiring culture that has work-life balance?
  14. How do I challenge the current situation to be ready for any expected or unexpected revolution?
  15. Am I making a good example to follow for my people?

So, what was your score in leadership test? Which question triggered you the most? I would love to hear.

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  1. Wow! What a fantastic post Sunita! Loved it. I so much relate with it, especially at a time when I am training a team of leaders on self awareness. I loved the question, “How am I contributing to help my team achieve their goals?” – adding to my list. Thanks a lot for this awesome post.

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