What’s Different In Truly Successful Women Entrepreneurs

What’s Different In Truly Successful Women Entrepreneurs

Everyone is special with certain personality trait. And when I thought of writing this post for BizDivas magazine this month, I had to look around to spot some some common traits the aspiring and successful women entrepreneurs enjoy. I wasn’t surprised at all to find some common traits across very different personalities. If you have them in you, you’re either already an inspiring women entrepreneur or have strong abilities to be one.

1. They Embrace Change

Who is more adaptable to change and adverse situations than women. Change means beings better and successful women always look forward to a better way. This eventually needs the courage to be flexible and ready for anything new and even unexpected. Such a woman would know how to best tackle obstacles on the way to a change and how to turn these challenges into opportunities.

2. They Network

Women are great with relationships and communication, even researches have proved. And smart women would take advantage of this trait to their success. Undoubtedly, investing in relationship works better than investing in anything else. This investment amplifies to unimaginable returns over time considering everyone you network with would have a network of their own.

I have almost built one new empire myself believing, investing and practicing to be better everyday in meaningful relationships and networking.

3. They Are Aware of Self

You’re successful when you know how and where it would come from.

[tweetherder]Doesn’t matter where you stand today, if you’re aware of yourself, you’d go far and in the right direction.[/tweetherder]

Women of high self awareness would know what makes them happy and they would “make” time to create that reason and happiness. Be it making sure they keep their personal passion alive or keeping them young, content and active emotionally, thoughtfully and physically.

4. They Create Their Destiny

This is true to the core and I feel proud of being a woman of name, fame and fortune and creating and dictating my destiny despite all adversities.

If I wouldn’t fight and fly for what I visualized for my life years ago, I would be another frustrated woman cribbing about life and luck today.

All you’d need to do is take control of life, control your behavior, use your abilities to direct your destiny and motivate others. As long as you take control of yourself and believe in how powerful you are, no external forces can affect you. Like I just mentioned above, smart women would know how to make the best out of worst situations.

5. They Make Time for Family

Irrespective of being single or married, away or around, big or small family; women with success on mind will not forget their family. They would make arrangements and may have lesser hours but they would make sure they spend quality time with their dear ones and make them feel special. Success isn’t only professional and monetary. It completes with life and life surely involves love, relationships, emotions and a family.

6. They Invest in Personal Branding

Success amplifies when it starts inspiring others. When it begins transforming others’ thoughts and lives. Smart women entrepreneurs would make best use of conventional methods to modern technology and create a strong personal brand. They would have meaningful social media presence, they would blog their thoughts, winning and even failures, they attend relevant events to be surrounded with like-minded people. They contribute and help wherever possible. They would make sure their presence is felt to make an impact in society.

Lastly, smart women entrepreneurs are “smart” because they would always play to their strengths and delegate their weaknesses. But would make sure they get what they want. I throughly enjoyed writing this post for two reasons. First, I scanned through myself and loved knowing this crazy entrepreneur in me. Second, I remembered some of my best buddies and successful women business owners I haven’t met for long; it’s the time to catch up.

I would love to hear what you felt about this post and how connected you felt. Feel free to drop a line or come for a cup of tea. The life gets larger with people.

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