What colleges are missing out by not having a blog?

What colleges are missing out by not having a blog?

Short answer:

  • Bigger reach
  • Stronger engagement & level of understanding among students, parents & faculties
  • Spirit of entrepreneurship & better use of freedom of expression
  • & lastly better use of Internet & latest technology

If you feel that the above holds true, let’s dive deeper. If you feel it doesn’t make sense, I would still love to hear your thoughts on “why NOT blogging”?

Blogging is the voice… for introverts, for extroverts, for students, faculties, management and for parents… without any bias. It keeps everyone updated about what’s happening at the college.

I broke it down to three big reasons to consider and encourage blogging at colleges.

1. Works as a discussion forum

There are several recurring questions, challenges and pressing issues from students and parents year after year. A blog can help an institution address these concerns in an open yet subtle manner. Not only parents and students will be able to read and comprehend at their convenience, they can interact, engage and escalate further via discussions. A blog can prove no less than an active forum for a college.

Allowing such open space for parents and students is indeed a courageous decision for any institution but that is where one would stand out.

Some of the Universities such as Strayer University, Bentley University, Devry college are rocking the blogging space. I loved what Stratford University is doing with their blog.

2. Leveled up spirit of Entrepreneurship

When an institution encourages the students and teachers to express their thoughts, opinions and voice openly, miracles happen. Ideas are useless if they remain only in minds. An open blog gives our youth the required confidence of being heard.

Your students would be thankful for seeding a strong personal brand and fine communication skills at such early stage of their career with blogging. This will attract potential employers and can even lend them great job opportunities for the shining talents.

I was invited to Parul University in Vadodara as chief guest and speaker early this year and I was thrilled to feel the highs of entrepreneurship and liberty in the air. The freedom was evident in students. Kudos to PU management for their initiatives and for being one of the early educational adopters of blogging in India.

I found this great learning pyramid and how they learn better when they teach.


3. Make a Global Mark

When Internet and technology is at your disposal, not using to your advantage is such a waste.

An institution can expand the reach and brand name globally with blogging their revolutionary ideas from students and academicians, their achievements, results and campus activities. It can get access to well known people, potential contacts and networks both for their students and institution.

A senior management official from an institution asked me why do they need a blog when they are making such udpates on their website. Well, since a blog is richer and more accessible in search engines and social networks both for the fresh stream of content, it shouldn’t be compared or misunderstood with a portal or website.

Website is a static business information brochure. Blog is more interactive and casual platform that can be relevant to even non-institution audience.

[tweetherder]The blog is an interactive magazine with a voice. ~ Sunita Biddu [/tweetherder]

These days’ students are surprisingly tech savvy. They are always on internet reading stuff. Blogging will not only connect with your existing students but will serve as a great tool to connect with your perspective new students and their parents.

Education business has serious competition. Having a blog is likely to put you in the top 10% colleges.

Lean in close… let me tell you something I learnt over years of blogging.

You read my thoughts and some of you are reading this last prose. I wasn’t always good at writing an conveying my thoughts. Writing and blogging honed my communication.

I could improve my business and personal relationships better. I can negotiate better. I can agree to disagreements more comfortably. I can put my thoughts together in more profound manner using lesser words. I could discover my own communication style with every new piece of writing.

Your next step – float the idea of blogging among your teachers and students. Freedom has wings and with the voice of blogging, it will make your brand fly

Give it a try.

Good luck

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