Nothing seems wrong – Why you’re not ranking?

Nothing seems wrong – Why you’re not ranking?

You might be clueless why your website isn’t ranking high when everything such as link profile, code etc. is alright and meeting all quality standards and webmaster guidelines.

When you do not have glaring technical issues and still not ranking, then you’re doing just okay. And being okay cannot get you on top. Now you should look at other factors that are related to your end user. You need to think how to make your website stand out from crowd.

Google clearly favours websites that users love, share and visit frequently.

After confirming all technical concerns, let’s look at a few things that can make your website one of the bests and push to the higher ranks.

  1. Make each page of your website as valuable and rich as a homepage.
  2. Add a contact option on each page and make sure it serves the purpose and justifies the topic of your page. Add complete details in a precise way.
  3. Keep it clean with good colors, good content and good presentation.
  4. Understand your audience expectations, study your competitors and offer your users more than they expect. Interesting, logical, precise and intuitive content. This can be text, images, video, links, resources or even a great combination.
  5. Focus on a single topic per page and stay on-topic. It’d keep your end user engaged and focused to convert at the end.
  6. Keep updating your pages for fresher and correct content.
  7. Make your website and pages shareable. But do not force the share. keep the share icons in good reach of eyes but without disturbing your readability.
  8. Share with a friend option works great with ecommerce or service based websites.
  9. Add an FAQ section or buyer guide whichever is appropriate.
  10. Make the navigation simple, easy and clean. It’s a critical factor to win happy users and buyers.
  11. Use images wherever possible. They talk better and quicker than text. Do not forget to optimize the images with  appropriate alt tag and size so it loads fast and add value.
  12. Be human. Add a personal touch to your website. You can do it with a conversational tone to content or make friendly updates on blog. You cannot win human always with a machine formal language.
  13. Give an option to leave feedback, review or suggestion. Interactive websites stay a step ahead always.
  14. Be generous in taking constructive criticism, Keep asking your friends and industry experts in your network for their views. This will allow you a room to understand and address a bigger audience type.
  15. Hire a professional. You may not be an expert at everything. Hire a professional for the right structure, content quality and design. And do it right from step 1.

Doing things right, professionally and in a planner way can save you time, money, resources and leave you with huge returns sooner than you expected.

What are your good tips to make a website one of the bests? Please share in comments and I’d add them to the list with a credit to you 🙂


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  1. I always check the backlink profile of my competitors for a keyword to help get an idea of what I can expect. It also helps me build strategy right from the beginning keyword research stages.

  2. Very nice piece for the beginner. I think that good promotion and quality content will be a key factor in the future of SEO and rankings

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