8 Apps & Extensions For A More Productive Business Woman

8 Apps & Extensions For A More Productive Business Woman

Running your home, managing your family and personal life, and attempting to keep up in your profession can take up all of your time. Don’t you wish there were more hours in one day? The most successful women entrepreneurs owe their success to technologies and apps that enable them to maximize their productivity. So, I’ve put together a list of some impressive browser extensions and phone apps for women that will help make your life easier and more productive.

1. StayFocused

You probably love Facebook, but how often have you found yourself wasting precious time scrolling through it aimlessly? What if something could kick you off and totally prevent you from even opening the site? Rude? Yes, but it’s going to be a real time saver!

StayFocused is bliss. I need to spend a lot of time on social networks since I am a social media coach. But sometimes I need to invest my time doing other more productive things. This app allows you lock yourself out with a countdown clock. It can be used on Google Chrome and allows you to choose which websites to block or allow.

2. Grammarly

Don’t worry about not being able to have an editor to perfect your writing; Grammarly takes care of it beautifully. Akin to your personal grammar coach, it proofreads and corrects with 10 times more authority than a regular word processor can. What makes it a smart choice is how it contextually scans your text for typos and gives suggestions to perk up your writing.

This unobtrusive tool won’t slow down your browser. It pops up only when it picks up on an error. The best part about it is that it synchronizes perfectly with almost all web applications.

Guess what, I now make fewer typos in even my personal emails which I used to take for granted. Grammarly is an essential tool for those in the marketing and communications business who understand how dangerous a typo can be.

3. Session Manager

Imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to save and retrieve all the research tabs on your browser with just one click. You no longer have to lose all the research that you’ve done for your next presentation when your browser crashes. Just install Session Manager and it will allow you to auto-save all your tabs and restore it if your browser crashes. This is a real headache remover.

I personally save my browsing sessions whenever I am conducting a workshop and don’t have the time to open up my websites one tab at a time. All I have to do is just click one button and I am ready to give an online demo to my participants.

4. ToDoist

Preparing a to-do-list the night before is something we entrepreneurs simply can’t do without. Such sleek apps for women help you stay organized and focused without worrying about keeping a notepad and pen with you at all times. Amazingly, it allows you to automatically sync between different devices, saving you the trouble of doing it manually. You may even choose to get reminders sent to you via SMS. Could you find anything easier to follow-up and push your to do’s?

5. Sidekick

Ever wondered exactly when the emails you send to a prospective buyer or customer get opened (or not opened at all)? Wouldn’t it be really useful to know when your potential contacts usually check their emails so that you can time your messages to sit on the top of their inbox?
Sidekick has become my personal favorite since it improved my email open and response rate by over 30%. So are you ready to give your email communications a sidekick?

6. Boomerang

Timing your emails to make sure your contacts find them right at the top of their inbox just wouldn’t be possible without Boomerang extension for gmail. It’s easy, effective and a super time saver.

The real perk is that the emails will be sent out even if you’re offline. You will also be able to enjoy many functions such as response tracking, tablet optimized layouts, email signatures, infinity scrolling inbox, snoozing emails, and above all an intuitive gesture system that makes it a productive and simple way to access Gmail. Use it with Sidekick app to improve responses to your messages.

7. WiseStamp

Becoming a woman entrepreneur is only half the battle. You have to take many more steps to keep growing and make your mark. So why not start with an impressive email signature with WiseStamp. Other than leaving a great impression, it has helped to send a significant number of readers and prospective clients to my blog where they can find the latest posts that I write.

8. Join.Me

Setting up last minute conferences will no longer be an issue with Join.Me installed on your device. This special app will enable you to communicate and collaborate in real-time. Using screen sharing, you can get creative together without delay.

It saves time, it’s dependable, it doesn’t gobble up your PC’s resources, it’s excellent for emergencies that pop up without notice, and best of all, it’s absolutely free. We couldn’t really ask for more to get connected virtually.

These apps for women won’t just make you more productive, they can allow you to have that romantic dinner with your husband, or be with your kids on parent’s day, or enjoy that “me” you so deserve.

Hope you’d love keeping some or all of these apps for women. I will be back with another useful piece in a next edition. Stay sexy and keep shining you all.

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