How to write a Bio – With Examples & Ready to Use Templates

how to write a bio

A sharp and powerful bio with the desired details can put you in someone’s mind forever, with a strong and lasting impression. When online presence is essential for business and personal brand, you need a bio everywhere today.

In this post, we will share a, easy step-by-step process on how to write a bio, fast.  To help you write and practice, I have included several proven bio templates along with some professional bio examples, long and short both.

What is a professional bio?

A professional bio is an overview of your experience at work and life.  A good professional bio includes information about your current work profile, previous experiences, education, achievements and skillsets.

The purpose

A bio tells who you’re, what you do and how you’re different from rest of the world. A good bio can help you stand out and put in front of the right prospects, employers and audience.

You can use your professional bio at

  • Your website about page
  • Your social networks
  • Your speaking profile
  • Your CV and Resume
  • At events
  • As an elevator pitch
  • At guest blog and contributions
  • In the interviews

What makes a great bio structure

  1. Name
  2. Occupation or Job title
  3. Skill set and expertise
  4. Goals
  5. Passion & hobbies
  6. Education
  7. Work history
  8. Family
  9. Your contact detail
  10. Location

Tips to write an Impressive Bio

As you follow the professional bio template, these tips will help you write an impressive bio.

1. Keep it short & simple

People usually spare less than 5 seconds to know about someone new. A great bio is short and has only essential information using 20-25 words. If this information makes your reader curious, they would love to read a longer bio or get in touch with you. Use simple and common words to convey who you are and hold your readers’ attention.

2. Add Humour

Adding humor isn’t as easy as it sounds. When not done right, it may look embarrassing rather than witty and funny. Do it when humour comes in your personality and communication naturally. Make sure what you write is easy to comprehend and understand.

3. Show Your True Self

Your profile is strong when it speaks authenticity. Feel free and fearless in writing who you are.  Write the way you talk. That’s what makes you unique. For example, if you’re a new player in the market, say it. Don’t fake by writing “experienced” or “expert”.  The audience can figure as they scroll through the feed. The mismatch can ruin your brand before it establishes the first impression.

4. Think of Your Audience

Your ultimate goal is to get your audience’s attention. So, use the words, style, and tone your audience can understand easily. For example, if you’re looking for a job, write how a potential recruiter wants to see it. If you’re looking for clients and you’re a coach, write so you appear as an authority with high credibility.

5. Add Your website

Your website is the place where decisions are made, where an impression is established. Where your audience spends more time; enough time to remember you. Add your website in your bio so you can drive this traffic to your website and monetize your social media presence.

6. Optimize for the keywords and search engines

When your audience is looking for you, it only has certain keywords in mind. They don’t know your name, no idea of what you love doing. They only know who they want and what skillset they’re looking for. If you’re a life coach, make sure you write these words clearly, Life Coach, Life coaching etc.

Consider writing a clear bio than a clever one.

Using these bio tips, you will write a powerful bio that will stand out and attract your audience.

Best Bio Template

There is no one template that’s perfect. When it comes to writing a perfect bio for yourself, it’s best to take a reference and customize it to simplify and make it convey your personality and goals to your audience.

Use this best bio template to just fill in your details. I would suggest you customize and add your voice and personality for a better read and connection with your audience.

[Your Full Name] is a [Profession] who helps [Your target audience] achieve/solve [the goal or the challenge]. [First Name] believes that [your power philosophy or belief about what you do].

[First Name] utilizes his [years/experience] to help [What do you help your customers achieve]. Currently, he is [Share what are you’re doing currently, any specific project or plans to do in near future]

[First Name] holds a [Your educational/ Academic details or certifications related to your profession]

Beyond work and business, [First Name] has a happening life of [talk about your hobbies and passion]. He is [Talk about your family].

[First Name] is currently living in [Location] and often [talk if you’re doing taking any specific local or virtual assignments/projects]. He actively maintains his [Mention your blog/vblog/channel].

Get in touch with him at [your email id] or connect with him on [social networks]. [First Name] loves to expand his social circle and know people.

See how I used this bio template to write a dummy bio for John Doe, A Fitness Coach.

John Doe is a fitness coach who helps busy professionals over 40 build fit & healthy body in a good shape. John believes that health is a lifestyle and a great body shape is certainly achievable by anyone with discipline and guidance.

John utilizes his 22 years of practical industry experience and expertise in fitness and bodybuilding to help customers achieve faster and lasting results. Currently, he is writing a bodybuilding handbook that has ample resources, exercises categorized by body parts and goals and diet plans.

John holds a Master degree in Nutrition and sports from Auburn University, USA.

Beyond work and business, John has a happening life of frequent road trips with his friends and family, cycling, and photography. He is married to Iliana who is a Professional Business Coach.

John is currently living in Florida and often speaks at events about fitness, and lifestyle. He actively maintains his blog where he shares free resources and writes useful fitness guides.

Get in touch with him at or connect with him on Linkedin or Instagram. John loves to expand his social circle and know people.

This is how I adapted the same bio for other online places and networks

Bio under 25 words 

John Doe is a well-known fitness coach helping 40+ professionals with a busy lifestyle. He loves road trips and currently staying in Florida.

Best for Facebook, guest blogs

Bio under 15 words

Fitness Coach for 40+. Traveler. Accidentally Married. Can be found in Florida

Best for Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram

Bio under 4 words

Fitness Coach for 40+

Best for any place

Best Bio Examples

I will keep updating this list of best bio examples. If you find a great bio, please mention the site or about page link in the comments. I will review and would love to add.

Dean Williams


Jared James

Kat Koh


Dr. Namita Caen




Nick Hatter



Sunita Biddu

Ready To Write Your Bio?

Hope this easy bio structure and templates got you excited and motivated to rework your bio. Note that a great bio is simple and written with good thought and care. Rewrite until it reads simple and powerful at the same time.

How about writing a 30 words short bio and 100 words long bio?

Share your bio in the comments, let’s see what you got. Read others in the comments and help them with feedback or suggestion.

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