Guaranteed: How to Get Google Adsense Account Approval Fast for Your Blog

Adsense is the first thing every blogger knows when it comes to making money with blogging. Money with AdSense depends upon the traffic your blog receives. I am writing a simple and step by step process and guideline to get a Google AdSense account approval quickly for your blog. How to fix your blog when Google Adsense is rejected.

Essentials for Google Adsense Approval

The most basic things you need to participate in the Google AdSense program is:

  1. A website or a blog
  2. A Gmail account
  3. Age above 18

Blog or Website Requirements

You have a blog. Check the following points to see if it is eligible and meets all the blogging Google Adsense guidelines for approval.

Blog Niche

Google approves practically every niche for AdSense approval and subject for the AdSense program except the following:

  • Adult / Pornographic / Sexual Content
  • Hacking / Cracking / Warez
  • Weapons & Guns
  • Poker / Gambling
  • Phishing
  • Drugs & Pharmacy
  • any other Illegal stuff

Make sure of the following aspect

  • .. Your blog shows content what it promises,
  • .. May not change user preferences,
  • .. Must not redirect users to unwanted websites,
  • .. Must not initiate downloads,
  • .. Must not include malware or contain pop-ups

Chances to get a fast Adsense Approval for a blogger are less if you have the following words on your blog

  • Hacking
  • Ethical hacking
  • Website hacking
  • Malware
  • Spam

Original and Unique Content

There are thousands of blogs on the same subjects. You need to have original and textually unique content on your blog to get approved for Adsense.  Do this:

  • 15 Mind-Blowing Topics
  • 1000 words well-researched content per post
  • Keep the content language simple and easy to understand for readers
  • Post them over 15-20 days
  • Optimize each blog post and entire blog well for search engines
  • Place good images for better presentation using the alt tag

Essential Pages

Other than your blog posts, have these essential pages on the blog

About page

A well written about page telling your story, vision, mission, and goal of your website or blog

Privacy policy

A must-have page to make your users feel secure about their data. You can use free privacy policy generators


You can add a disclaimer on the privacy policy page or create another page for that.

Contact page

It is necessary to show your users and search engines that you’re real, approachable, and available. Give maximum contact details while your approval is in process. you can choose to keep only essential details after your blog is approved.

Blog Design

Get a simple design with a lot of white space for your blog. Don’t get tempted to fancy templates and complicated designs. Your site visitor should feel easy, relaxed, and welcomed the moment they land on your blog.

Take care of the following

  • Easy and simple top navigation with 4-6 navigation links
  • Simple sidebar with 4-6 elements/sections
  • Simple footer with copyright and essential pages
  • Avoid infinite scroll for pages
  • Prefer length of max two scroll
  • Have a font size of 14-16 for texts
  • Disable pop-up ads when applying for an AdSense account
  • Open comment section without requiring the registration
  • Moderate your comments and keep a check on spam
  • Do not keep any link exchange page when applying for AdSense account approval

Site Speed

Aim at loading every page of your blog in less than 3 seconds. A blog taking forever to load fails to impress users and Google both. Run your blog through GT metric and implement all the suggestions it shows. Compress your blog images and media to make your blog as light as possible.

Reasons of Disapproval

Most of the common reasons/issues for disapproval are:

  1. The site does not comply with Google policies
  2. The site does not comply with the Google AdSense program policies [language, niche, etc.)
  3. Insufficient or copied content
  4. The site does not adhere to the Webmaster Quality guidelines

Fast Google Adsense Account Approval Tricks

You can’t trick Google. But you can certainly enhance your blog to get AdSense approval quickly. I have seen these suggestions working and I don’t know any blogger yet who followed this guide and whose blog didn’t get an approved AdSense.

  • Prefer a self-hosted custom domain ( over a free blogger or third-party domain (
  • Connect at least one active social media account to your blog. Consider adding a stream over an icon.
  • Publish your blog posts and site content with a great presentation using H tags (H1, subheadings, H2, short paragraphs, bullet points, etc.)
  • Do not add a site search option on your blog or website when you’re applying for Adsense.  Doing so could increase the risk of accidental clicks on your own ads and will result in reports that don’t properly reflect the traffic to your pages.
  • Add Google Analytics & integrate Search Console before you apply. The more Google knows about your site, the better are your chances to get quick AdSense approval. It gets to see your traffic sources.
  • Use language that Google Adsense publisher products and program support.

Once you make your blog or website eligible for a Google AdSense account, here is how to apply for Google Adsense

Google Adsense Account Approval FAQ

How long it takes to get Google Adsense approval for a new website?
24 hours to 6 weeks.

I need a separate account for my business
In this case, you may submit a new application. Make sure that the account type (individual or business) and payee name are different from your original application, and ensure that you can accept payments to that payee.

I am under 18 but love to blog
If you’re under 18, you may have a parent or guardian sign up for AdSense using their own Google Account. If their AdSense account is approved, all payments will be made to the adult responsible for the site until you’re eligible and turn 18.

Can I have multiple websites under one Adsense account?

Yes, you can have as many sites and blogs.  Prefer using one account instead of applying for too many accounts.  Learn how to show ads on a new site.

I need a separate account for my business
In this case, you may submit a new application. Make sure that the account type (individual or business) and payee name are different from your original application, and ensure that you can accept payments to that payee.

Can I use other third-party advertisements along with Adsense?
Yes, you are free to use any third-party advertisements on the same blog or webpage for which you are going to apply for Google AdSense Account. Unless your blog looks messy and stuffed with only ads and no value or content to your users, you can have ads from  Infolinks, BuySellAds, Clicksor, Chitika, Amazon Associates,, etc.

How old my blog should be for blog post Adsense approval?
There is no official data or mandate available for age but applying with a minimum of 6 months old website is a safe move to get AdSense approval for blog post.

How much money we can make with AdSense?
The amount of money depends upon the niche you have chosen and the traffic your blog receives. Usually, a blog that receives 100 unique visitors every day can make up to $10-100 a month.

Hope this post helps you get your blog approved for the AdSense program. If you still face any issues, ask your questions in the comments or put your blog in the comments for review. Will be happy to help.
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17 thoughts on “Guaranteed: How to Get Google Adsense Account Approval Fast for Your Blog”

  1. Thanks to you for this wonderful and very simple explanation about Blog and all. But I have a question for you regarding my Google Adsense account. Actually I am confuse with sentence of Google Adsense ” There is an issue with your blog’s details in AdSense. please go to Adsense and make sure that your blog’s domain name( is listed as a site”
    Kindly help me out wether my Adsense account will be approved or not.

    1. Hello Mohammed,
      Are you trying to apply via the Adsense. com directly? Then don’t do that — blogspot urls must apply from Blogger Earnings tab.

      A lot of bloggers are getting this default notification these days.

      Also, I see some essential pages are missing on your blog. Add them as well.

      All the best

  2. I am having a Lyics blog named Lyrics Mango( My blog is more than 1.5 year old. I connected my blog with a custom domain 6 months ago. I applied for Adsense many times but every time i applied for Adsense, my application is getting rejected within 24 hours. I am having a monthly traffic of 500.I tried to fix all the issues associated with my blog but still i am not getting adsense approoval. Is their any chance for my blog to get Adsense approoval. Could you please help me .

        1. Hi Kiran, I have reviewed your blog again.

          Get text posts block in your first half (above the fold) and move the featured post to second half or bottom.

          Fix your sidebar to limited and most popular categories. It is leading to an all blank site for a bas user experience. Limit your categories to best 10.

          Wait for site to be indexed and then apply again.

          Note that adsense means sharing best links and information suggestions to your users from Google advertisers. And they want to make sure the users are having the best experience. Design does matter.

          Hope this helps.

          All the best

  3. Hi, This is a supportive article regarding google Adsense.
    I applied through the Earnings tab of but i have also received this message:

    “There is an issue with your blog’s details in AdSense. Please go to AdSense and make sure your blog’s domain name ( is listed as a site.”

    Please guide how may I fix this error??


    1. Hello Hitesh,

      If you don’t have many adult audience articles, not getting much traffic from those specific posts then unpublish them, remove them from your website search console, get your indexed again and apply it after a month. Double check your site’s presence in Google before you apply. Any website with direct adult terminologies struggle in google adsense approval. You can publish all these old posts once you’re approved after a few months, preferably one by one.

  4. Is it a must to have “Contact Me” and “About Me” pages? Can I be approved without these pages? Can you have a look at my blog and let me know how I can improve it? Thank you.

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