16 Free Blogger Templates – Guaranteed to Make Money

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When you set up a blog, choosing the perfect design blog template that fits your niche, goals, content type, and brand personality is an important step. When you select a blog template for your blog or website, there are a few things you must keep in mind.

While each design template is packed with a number of useful features, there are three important aspects of a template that you must always look out for. They are:

  • Customizability – Make sure the template you choose is a good fit for your blog. It must compliment your content pieces and their theme. Find templates that offer plenty of font options, color schemes, and layout features.
  • Quick Loading SpeedIf your site takes more than three seconds to load, your visitors are going to bonce and find other sites that cater to their needs quicky. When you select a design template for your blog, make sure it promises a fast-loading speed.
  • Functionality– Each blog template is functional according to the blogger’s needs. Before you choose yours, look out for features and elements that especially fit your blog. For example, if you own a travel blog, select a template that allows you to add a lot of images and videos. It has to be a visually rich template.

Blogger, the blogging platform powered by Google, delivers superior quality templates to its users (both newbies and professionals) to make blogging simple and fun. It is a secure and reliable platform with well-designed, beautiful, and 100% responsive templates. It offers both free and paid versions of templates.

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Free Blogger Templates

The following blogger templates are researched, tested and recommended based upon

… Conversion rate

… Readership

… Ad friendliness

… Loading speed

… Simplicity and easy navigation

… Modern and minimal aesthetics

Starter Blogger Template

This theme is the perfect look for tech bloggers. It has a clean and responsive design that will look great on any device and can be customized to best suit your tastes.

starter blog template


SEO Boost Blog Template

Perfect for lifestyle and fashion blogs, this is a totally customizable out-of-the-box theme that provides the best blogging experience. It uses minimal settings to let you focus on your content, without getting distracted by the aesthetics of your blog.

best lifestyle blogger templates free


Typography Blogger Template

The quality of this theme is unbeatable. The level and simplicity of detail and design are absolutely perfect. You’ll have a polished review blog if you use this theme!

best simple free blog templates for writers


Cheerup Blog Template

This theme has a clean and responsive design. With a fantastic grid slider gallery, it provides large thumbnails to present articles in style. Once you scroll a little more, the website continues with a really minimalist design that focuses on presenting articles through a large featured photo and minimal information about it. It’s perfect for fashion and lifestyle blogging.

Best free blogger templates Cheerup


Olivia Blogger Template

If you’re looking for a great theme for your blog, newspaper, magazine, or news site, this might be exactly what you need thanks to its clean and professional design. It includes a custom review feature that integrates seamlessly into the grid gallery. There are large and medium thumbnail previews as well as colorful small details to give it that extra something. The design is carefully crafted, so it’s a good example of a template suited for a review-based blog.

best blog templates Olivia


Blogstar Blog Template

The design is modern and clean, and it’s been specially created to help your blog stand out. It’s responsive, Meaning it’ll look perfect no matter which device you’re using. It even has a few really cool features that will help you get the most out of your website.

Best Blogger Templates Blogstar


Zippo Blog Template

A simple and impct blog template that is likely to convert into money and paying subscribers, Zippo makes a great choice for active bloggers. Bets fit for news, health and micro-niches where the focus is more on the information and less on the design and aesthetics.

Best free blogger templates zippo

Rapid Blogger Template

Updated just a month ago, this free Blogger template has a highly responsive layout that loads super-fast. It also supports Google-rich results, breadcrumb functionality, and a custom 404 page.

Recommended for : Bloggers planning to monetize with AdSense and affiliate marketing


Blogger template

blogger template

blogger template

Beautly Blogger Template

With a feature that adapts itself to any device you view the blog on, Beautly Blogger template ensures that your blog is very appealing and remains focused on content.

Recommended for: Beauty and lifestyle bloggers, Review bloggers, affiliate bloggers


Blogger template

Blogger template

Blogger template

Eventify Blogger Template

Updated schema meta tags, template customizer, a sticky sidebar, multi-drop-down menu, and a mobile-friendly design are the special features of Eventify Blogger template.

Recommended for: Business and service bloggers, writers, news bloggers, tech bloggers


Blogger template

Blogger template

Blogger template

Soraedge Blogger Template

Updated only last April, the Soraedge Blogger template provides your blog with ready-made widgets and unique layout options. You can also make use of the latest and premium Google fonts.

Recommended for; Multi-niche blogs, multi-author blogs, news blogs and magazines, adsense and affiliate blogs

Blogger template

Blogger template

Blogger template

TechMag Blogger Template

Known for its sleek and simple design with just two columns and custom widgets, this is one of the popular free Blogger templates making a perfect choice for technology and gaming-related niches.

Recommended for – Tech blogs, Lifestyle blogs and magazine, health blogs, news magazines


Blogger template

Blogger template

Blogger template

Hudson Blogger Template

The Hudson Blogger template’s design is minimal, modern, and clean. Most suitable for business blogs, it has a 3-column design with left and right sidebars for high functionality. One of the high performing free blogger templates I personally recommend.

Recommended for – Writers, authors, adsense blogs

Blogger template

Blogger template

Blogger template

Nordic Blogger Template

Adapted from WordPress, this Blogger template gives your blog an artsy outlook with fun fonts. Often recommended for writers or artists, it offers auto post summaries, social sharing icons, and footer columns.

Recommended for – authors, writers, freelancers

Blogger template

Blogger template

Blogger template

Suits Blogger Template

Elegant design with black and grey as the main colors, Suits Blogger template gives a professional look. It has a two-column layout and three-column footer that ensure responsive design.

Recommended for – writers, authors, freelancers


Blogger template

Blogger template

Blogger template

Premium Blogger Templates

MagOne Blogger Template

A multi-purpose Blogger template that is highly responsive, has a multiple comment system and super support services, MagOne is one of the profitable blogger templates known for its capability of translating the template to any language.

Blogger template

Blogger template

Blogger template

Anartisis Blogger Template

Anartisis Blogger template serves as a great option for news sites, magazines, and publishers. It offers several options on design like grid or list layout and the ability to customize image positioning.

Blogger template

Blogger template

Blogger template


If you are planning to start blogging on Blogger, make sure to check out both its free and premium blog templates. Though free templates are good enough for your blog, premium versions have their own set of pros. Explore a lot and don’t settle with templates that don’t fulfill your blog’s needs completely.

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